About Us

Jakarta First Ring

We are in the heart of Jakarta near Medan Merdeka Square, home to the government district. Juanda Train Station is about a block away. The Istiqlal Grand Mosque and the Remarkable Cathedral can be accessed within a few minutes’ walk.

Yuan Garden Pasar Baru

Yuan Garden Pasar Baru

Where you will meet a green environment and comfortable accommodation at the same time. With excellent service and environmentally friendly facilities, Yuan Garden Pasar Baru welcomes you to the capital city of Indonesia. Committed to protecting natural heritage, supporting local communities, and adhering to the term ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’, Yuan Garden Pasar Baru ensures our guests stay in safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly accommodations. Strategically located near Medan Merdeka Square, government offices, recreation areas, and nearby social and nightlife areas make Yuan Garden Pasar Baru the perfect choice for every need.

Hidden Park in the Capital

New Market Yuan Garden provides sanctuary for those in need of business and relaxation. Explore our amazing facilities, rest well in our comfortable rooms, or host an unforgettable event. Whatever you need, we are here for you, right in the heart of Jakarta.