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Amazing Event

Reliable Meeting Rooms Professional meeting rooms to cater to your business needs or special occasions. Whether big or small, we are here to help you organize your business meeting.

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Capture your special day with us. Host an unforgettable wedding day at our beautiful venue and enjoy an unforgettable dining experience.

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Browse our photos, all taken inside the New Market Yuan Park location. Find a hidden garden in the midst of the busy city of Jakarta.

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The right place for every occasion. Host professionally and memorable events through our various function rooms. Whether it’s for a business or casual setting, at Yuan Garden what you need will be well accommodated.
Mansion Ballroom1501002001005050416 m27 m
Ballroom Extenstion251220151215143 m24 m
Creative530 m22.8 m
Inspiration25102010101062 m22.8 m
Motivation25102010101062 m22.8 m
Achievement25102010101062 m22.8 m
Success25102010101062 m22.8 m
Mezzanine Floor
Destiny10152510101064 m22.8 m
Infinity15101020102064 m22.8 m
Serenity25253020202081 m22.8 m
Eternity252020201520102 m22.8 m
Prosperity302530302030139 m22.8 m
Victory25102020102086 m22.8 m
Integrity1010101051045 m22.8 m
Continuity101010551060 m22.8 m
Pasar Baru 1252530302530154 m22.8 m
Pasar Baru 2252530302530154 m22.8 m
Pasar Baru 3252530302530154 m22.8 m


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